Services & Equipments


1) Providing powered wheelchairs or scooters and manual wheelchairs for use around the town centre to anyone with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties.

2) Sometimes able to provide an escort to assist you. Please contact the office to see if this is possible.

3) The Annual Membership Fee is £10 only. Daily Hire cost £2 to Members, £5 to Non-members.

4) Manual chairs and small scooters are available for holiday/longer term hire to Members only.

Click here for a detailed map of the location of Ilford Shopmobility, Car Park 1, Exchange, High Road, Ilford, IG1 1RS.

For more information on Shopmobility call 0208 4786864

Advice and Information

We maybe able to offer advice and information on disability issues.


“A wide range of Disability magazines, leaflets and information about local services is available in the Ilford Shopmobility office and, as necessary, people are signposted to other organisations for advice. Disability Redbridge is linked into and works with local networks e.g. Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service, Redbridge Advice Forum, Redbridge Healthwatch, Redbridge Children & Young People’s Network, Transport for All in order to influence policy and decision making. Disability Redbridge supports the social model of disability aiming to remove barriers and promote independence and social inclusion.

Ilford Shopmobility Equipment available for Hire Ilford

Shopmobility has been able to up-date much of its equipment recently due to generous donations from Abbey Total Care, 1st Step Mobility and the Mayor of London’s Olympic Legacy Project: Enhancing Shopmobility. We are very grateful for this generous support.

The main store room. The scooters available for daily hire are charged overnight as necessary.

Some of the larger “Olympic” scooters available for daily hire.

One of the 3 “Olympic” wheelchairs available

Some of the wheelchairs, both small and large wheel, available for daily or long-term hire.

Members may hire small portable scooters on long term loan.

An “Olympic” scooter ready to hire.

You need the key but the scooters are easy to use.

This may be your first, or last stop, in the Exchange. The scooters are easy to manoeuvre and good access should be available. Let us know if it is not.

The scooters may be taken anywhere in the Exchange and out into Ilford Town Centre.